Painting your child’s room can be a different ball game altogether.

Unlike other rooms in your home, a child’s room does need special attention. You need to decide on the right colours and pay more attention to the quality of the paint. It is a room for those little ones who are always in a party mood. You may choose colors like pink, purple, neon green to suit their mood and interests. Residential painting canton is mostly an annual activity wherein people love to prep their home for Christmas and New year. Many have delayed their plans with the recent shortage of paint, but priority is given to the kid’s room. Here is a complete review of how pandemic-induced paint shortage will impact the annual road painting projects.

It is not a big challenge, but painting your kids’ room is something you need to be careful about. To begin with, the quality of paint is more crucial than the colour choice. Young kids are easily susceptible to toxic fumes that emit from low-quality paints. These toxic fumes are harmful to their health. Therefore, you need to take care of a few things while selecting paint for your child’s room, considering their safety.

Volatile organic compound or VOCs present in the paint gives that extreme chemical smell in a freshly painted room. This chemical releases toxic gases that cause headaches, nausea, irritation, and even organ damage. Some chemicals can also be carcinogens. The more the presence of VOCs, the more toxic the paint will be. You don’t want your child to suffer in the name of paint. Another harmful chemical you will find in paint is alkylphenol ethoxylates or APEs. There are surfactant present in acrylic paints that will cause hormonal disorders in paint. You have paints free from VOCs and APEs but still have harmful additives and other substances. The best bet is to choose non-toxic paints to avoid any harmful side effects. You will find the concerned label on the paint can that indicates it is non-toxic paint.

Another fact is that bright colour paints may have harmful chemicals. When you are painting your child’s room, you go for brighter colours and not just beige and white. When you select bright and tinted colours, you need to keep in mind that the additives used to tint colours are not free of VOCs. Most colourants used to create bright and dark coloured paints have high levels of solvents and are not waterborne. Solvents are like VOCs that cause health issues like irritation, dizziness, headaches and CNS damage. Solvent-free paints are available that will remove all your worries about exposing your child to harmful chemicals. You can let your child choose whatever colour they please. A high-quality paint will make the room stylish, streak-free and safe. It will also last longer, and you will not end up painting multiple times. You can do your research or get the help of an expert painting contractor to help you make a decision.

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