Oral And Dental Health Care Tips And Tricks For Kids

Children are at a stage where they have no idea about dental health or tooth decay. Chocolates, sweets, ice-cream and soft drinks are what they love, and nobody can deny them of these sinful joys in their life. A leading Kids Dentist emphasises that tooth decay-causing germs feed on the sugar present in food and drink. You will find the full list here on helping kids take care of their teeth once they fall out. Tooth decay, also called dental caries, is caused due to germs in the mouth leading to a sticky covering on the surface of the teeth called plaque. Over time, the acid created due to the plaque will make a hole in the teeth. The cave is called cavities.

Tooth decay will cause infection and pain. It can also affect children’s growth. Severe decay can severely affect your child’s speech, jaw development, and speech. Tooth decay should not be left untreated. Discomfort and pain will last as long as tooth decay lasts. If left untreated, the decay will spread to other teeth causing more pain. Severe decay will complicate the treatment and will make it more expensive. For kids, dental treatment will cause school time loss and increase anxiety while visiting dentists.

Initial stages of decay are hard to identify. Many will come to realise when they have a toothache. Tooth decay will dull your teeth and cause a while band over the gums. You will also have brown spots on the teeth. In some cases, their gum will swell and become red. Severe tooth decay will cause the teeth to break or have blackened holes in the teeth. Tooth decay will lead to infection, and you will find the formation of pimples or lumps on the gums, causing swelling of gums and face. There are a few essential steps that need to be taught to kids to prevent infection and tooth decay.

Kids must be taught good teeth hygiene. They need to brush their teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. They should eat a healthy diet which must be low in sugar. A regular dental with the dentist will help identify issues earlier. Setting up good dental habits early on in life will make the kids more conscious about their teeth. Apart from dental hygiene, a few good eating habits will also encourage kids to be mindful of their health. Rather than letting them eat all day, they must have a regular meal and snack time. There must be a 1.5 to 2 hours break between meals, including drinks and sweets.

Encourage kids to have water when they are thirsty to avoid juices and soft drinks. Sweet foods should be given along with the meals. Ensure that kids eat and drink at the table and put away food mealtime or snack time is over. The type of food they eat and drink is also a reason for teeth decay. Newborn babies need to have only breastmilk or formula food. For older kids, avoid sweetened milk, juices, biscuits and cakes.

Best HRT Therapy Doctors Fort Lauderdale

HRT Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy or HRT refers to a treatment method where hormonal deficiency is balanced by replacing them to control the symptoms. It is best to control many issues that arise due to hormone deficiency. Women commonly face hormonal deficiency during the stage of menopause. It is the stage in women when the sex hormones dips as the menstrual cycle stops. Leading experts from HRT Therapy Fort Lauderdale recommend that hormone replacement can effectively arrest the symptoms of menopause. You will find the full list here about the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women and the effect of female hormone replacement therapy.

The different symptoms of menopause are sleep issues, night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, anxiety, headaches, decrease in sexual desires, thinning of bones and fatigue. Oestrogen and progesterone are the two sex hormones produced by women’s body. The ovaries produce both the sex hormones. In pregnant women, placenta produces progesterone. Progesterone sends a signal to the uterus to shed the lining. Estrogen develops the sexual characteristics in women. It is also required for many processes to maintain the health of bones and heart. Removal of uterus through hysterectomy or menopause will deprive the women’s body of the sex hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy is an effective way to control the symptoms. There are different types of HRT available. Intrauterine devices is a hormone replacement method where a device is placed in the uterus that helps produce hormones. Combination tablets are an oral medication that includes a mix of estrogens and progesterone. Separate estrogen and progesterone tablets are also available that can be taken orally. Hormone cream and gels like Estradiol are available that can be applied to dry, clean unbroken skin mostly on the arms and legs. Estradiol is also available as spray. There are many brands of hormonal skin patches that are applied to stomach, buttocks, and lower back. There are vaginal creams, rings and tablets. These are placed directly in the vagina.

There are other products approved by FDA which can also be used for hormone therapy. The use of bioidentical hormones and other herbal products is prevalent. Bioidentical hormones are made of synthetic and the body cannot tell the difference between the both. It is believed that bioidentical hormones are safer and even better than other synthetic or naturally occurring hormones however there is no evidence to support the claim. Herbal products are found to be useful for treating hormonal imbalance symptoms.

There are some potential risks and complications of hormone replacement therapy. It may not be effective to all women as there could be serious implications and life threatening consequences. Studies recommend that women use hormone therapy for the shortest duration taking lowest possible dose. Long term use of hormone therapy has resulted in heart attack, stroke, blood clots and other significant risks. There is a greater chance of cardiovascular disease for women aged 69 and above. Combination HRT treatment has increased the occurrence of breast cancer in women.